Hi, I'm Emily :)

I am overly emotional and it always just makes me feel trapped inside my own body

If home is where heart is, my heart’s up in Boston

Last year, I conquered the end of an old relationship (after some lapses of judgement and self-control), started a new one, made new friends, ended a friendship, fell in love and realized I had my soulmate all along, worked hard and did well in school, had an amazing summer and really formed a life-long bond with my best friends, hated myself and wanted to die and loved my life and wanted to live, and just kept working on being a stronger and better person .. It was a crazy year, to say the least.

"Love as sustainer, as renewer, and as protector"

I found the good in goodbye :)

I have to be bipolar

Buying this on Amazon this very second ahhhhhhh <3

Crossing all of my fingers that Dillon gets a job offer from KPMG, he deserves everything it has to offer!!!!